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Client Reviews of Christine Waller Photography

Positives: professionalism, thoroughness, quality, easy to work with, passion and enthusiasm …Christine Waller photographed my wedding. My parents mouth dropped open when they saw the quality of pictures she took. She captured a lifetime worth of memories that are absolutely breathtaking.

…My father is a well-known “frugal” man and all he had to say after seeing the pictures was the following, “That was the best money I ever spent.”

My experience with Christine Waller Photography was extremely positive. My family and friends comment consistently on how amazing our wedding pictures are. After my experience with Christine, I have made it a vow to book any photography needs (headshots, future family portraits) with her business. If you’re looking for a personable photographer that will be invested in capturing your special moments do book Christine Waller Photography. I have no complaints about her service and am a lifetime fan!

5-star-rating - Christine Waller Wedding Photographer
My Rating: 5/5


Christine is an amazing photographer! My boyfriend and I recently got a portrait session done for the holiday season. She made the time go by so quickly and it didn’t feel like a photo session at all because she had a way of making us feel so comfortable.

She has a way of bringing out the beauty within and really brings life to the photos. Her style of photography is amazing and the focus she has shows her passion about the work.

She was so quick about getting us the edited photos which was awesome and we could not be more pleased with the end result!

If you are on the market for a talented photographer that makes you feel and look amazing in the Chicago area, I highly recommend contacting Christine Waller Photography. You will not regret it!

5-star-rating - Christine Waller Wedding Photographer
My Rating: 5/5


Happy Clients


Customer Satisfaction

To celebrate our anniversary, we had Christine from Christine Waller Photography photograph us in different locations around Downtown Chicago. The quality of the photos were fantastic – natural, candid, and wonderful to look at.


5-star-rating - Christine Waller Wedding Photographer
My Rating: 5/5


Christine took some portraits for us that turned out wonderful. We went out to the park during a crisp fall day as the sun was setting. She used the light to her advantage and ended up getting some wonderful shots for us.

Definitely recommend her for a portrait sessions.


5-star-rating - Christine Waller Wedding Photographer
My Rating: 5/5


After looking for photographers we decided to go with Christine Waller Photography. We are so glad we did.

Christine was very responsive in setting up our appointment and communicating with us! I sent a request for more information about her photography through her website and she responded in less than 24 hours.


5-star-rating - Christine Waller Wedding Photographer
My Rating: 5/5


Christine is a terrific photographer with a keen eye for detail, and a natural at capturing the essence of people and places in her work. She recently did a quick portrait session with my girlfriend and I in downtown Chicago, and she really brought out the best of both us and the backdrops!

We’re really happy with how it turned out, and the turnaround time was very quick! She’s a lot of fun during the session, and made us feel completely at ease the whole time. If you’re looking for an easy and comfortable portrait experience, look no further!


5-star-rating - Christine Waller Wedding Photographer
My Rating: 5/5


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