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Away we go| Norway

Alright... I've been so bad about updating this trip! So instead of not doing this anymore I figured I'd do a huge photo dump with some comments along the way if you were interested in what was happening at that point in time! Old town, Stavanger We rode a lot of...

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Ignite Glass Studio Wedding | Ali and Zach

I love photographing at new venues and being able to see beautiful new spaces! Ali and Zach's wedding was at Ignite Glass Studio and it was a party that you definitely wanted to be at. Let's back track a little though. Ali and Zach got ready separately but decided to...

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Union League Club Wedding | Amy and Joe

When your couple wants you to take photo's of them in front of gorgeous sculptures, of course you say yes! Amy and Joe were such a pleasure to work with. We started off getting ready at the Union League Club in Chicago. Where Amy and her friends and family got ready...

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